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    Post by Darziel on Sat Nov 14, 2009 11:47 am

    A skin made from various matte works derived from the Illusion game - I can't understand any of the game (all in Japanese) but it appears to be insanely weird!!

    All images are direct 3D renders that I've then matted together and generally tweaked to make the skin.

    Top: Ruidia, Eclair, Viara in the woodland scene.
    Bottom Saga as the background with Enis, Sefi and Mimasu as the icons.

    Icon highlight is the 'magical energy' effect from the fight scenes whilt the scrollbar id Enis' weapon. The 'Magical energy' is also used for the cheat icons along with the 2 daggers used by Ruidia in the fight scenes.

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