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    Why I made this other forum. READ


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    Why I made this other forum. READ

    Post by Brian117 on Mon Sep 21, 2009 8:44 pm

    Hey all people from the Freewebs site!

    This is a new forum I created to host more skins since the other forum will not show more than 20 on a single page. If I deleted one on the first page, an older post would show up at the bottom, and so on. So this forum will seriously be a load off my shoulders trying to add more and more skins without having the issue of others getting cut off.

    The Freewebs forum is very small and complicated as well. You cannot post pictures of images. I'm not in any way bashing Freewebs, but it's just very unstable. That is another reason why I made this forum.

    I am hoping to get the same respect and publicity after creating this new forum.

    Thanks for reading and please enjoy the new forum.

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